Google manually review spam & paid links reports

Today morning Googler John Mueller responded to one of the user from india when asked about how google handles paid link spam reports. He said these reports are reviewed manually by humans at google. @VishMarathe411

Instagram Adds pinch to zoom feature to photos and videos

Good news for Instagram users as now they can enlarge pictures and videos by just pinching their fingers on an image or video to see part of a photo or video close-up. So the wait

It is official & live : Google drops Mobile Friendly Label in search results

Few days back google announced two major changes in their search pattern which are 1 ) removing the mobile friendly label and 2) penalty on pages that show intrusive interstitials provide a poorer experience

Why wordpress should stop installing Hello Dolly plugin by default immediately

Whenever i install wordpress platform on a new domain then it automatically install a very irritating plugin named “Hello dolly”. I still remember few years back when i first installed wordpress on a new domain

How to start a free blog at blogger’s blogspot platform in 3 easy steps

Blogger’s blogspot platform is a very easy to use platform for all newbie bloggers. It will hardly take 5 minutes to set up a blog at blogger blogspot platform. Blogging is  a great way to express

Google to demote mobile sites that show intrusive interstitials, popup ads

To enhance user experience on mobile and tablets, Google launched  a new search algorithm that will penalise mobile pages which offers hard to dismiss popup’s and intrusive interstitials whenever a user lands on these pages. Google will launch this new

Google AdSense removes Ad Limit Per Page Policy

Google adsense which allows upto 3 adsense for content units, upto 3 link units and  upto 2 search boxes per page now have dropped the ad limit per page policy. The move can largely